The band has performed on everything from foreign festival stages to local cafes, from private weddings to tv-shows, from someone’s living-room to a staircase in Riga.

The ability to perform as full band with drums, electric guitars, and bass, or all acoustic sets with acoustic guitar, floor tom and special instruments as harmonium and glockenspiel, or a full live experience with all combined, and still sound like the same band, is probably one of the things that make Grand Trunk Travellers unique.

Karl-Johan writes songs that easily get stuck in people’s heads for a long time. His trademark is singing thoughtful lyrics with feeling and warmth.

Musically, the band’s sound has been described as a blend of vintage rock, singer/songwriter and… magical! 

In 2015, the band also launched their own premium coffee blend, in cooperation with Alingsås Kafferosteri, available at concerts and at

Grand Trunk Travellers are currently in the writing and recording process. Meanwhile, they are performing as much as possible.

Grand Trunk Travellers – current live-lineup:
Karl-Johan Jonsson: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Julia Jonsson: Backing vocals
Joel Sörsäter: Harmonium organ, electric guitar, vocals
Aron Sörsäter: Drums
Jonatan Samuelsson: Glockenspiel, piano, bass, harmonium organ, vocals

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