Happy new year! One year has now passed, since we last released our first EP ”Lowercase Sessions 1”. The hard copies are sold out, but the music is available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Right now we are in the studio recording the final parts for ”Lowercase Sessions II”. For those of you who have heard us the past 5 gigs, you will recognize at least 3 of the 6 new songs.

In September we performed at a small local café. It was so small, we couldn’t fit the whole band, so we kept it really simple and acoustic, and did the gig as a 3-piece band instead.

It went very well, and we really enjoyed the sound. We bought a fine, old harmonium organ to keep the sound as warm and organic as possible, and recorded some songs really simple. Also, we did more small gigs with 3-4 musicians, and no electric instruments at all.

It felt like we finally found our own, unique sound. And we found out that our audience seemed to like it as well. 🙂

*Still, we love the magic Simon Walther Høidahl creates with his electric guitar and exciting stomp boxes, the punch from a tight drumset, and the rolling thunder from a Rickenbacker-bass. So the next EP will be a pleasant mix of the café-version of GTT and the full band-version of GTT.

We will keep you posted!